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 Rules!!!! Please read!

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Rules!!!! Please read! Empty
PostSubject: Rules!!!! Please read!   Rules!!!! Please read! I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 09, 2009 11:10 pm

Welcome to Animal RPG!! I am SO glad that you join... BUT like other website we have to have rules to make this site fun.

1. No excessive cussing
2. No bulling
3. No god-moding (controlling other peoples animals)
4. No double posting
5. If you talk to some one put them in double brackets (())
6. No asking/giving out passwords
7. No begging me to be a mod
8. Cubs/Foals etc.. are born 2 days in the game after breeding
9. You must post at least 30 messages or 1 topic to be a mod
10.I will give you 2 weeks after joining to ACTIVATE your account or you will
--->1. Be banned for 3 days
---> 2. If not activated after being banned your account WILL be deleted
11.No making more than 1 account!
12.You must report someone if they have broken any of the rules (you don't have to tell them that you told someone you can tell me or mod (nice-easy-me))
13.No leaving someone out of a topic or a conversation in the chatbox
14.No ganging up on one character
15.You can make the time go by faster but it MUST be agreed by both players
16.No sending perverted messages if you get any send me the WHOLE message
17.Please let me know if you change your username

If you have broked any of the rules about you will given a warning if you do it twice you will get a warning level.

If you break rules 6 you ARE NOT getting a warning YOU WILL BE BANNED FOR 1 WEEK

If you need help you can ask me!
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Rules!!!! Please read!
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